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Entertainer and Educator  

On stilts or on the ground, greeting arrivals, cheering up the queue, or cruising the crowd, the Hendersons are guaranteed to provide high energy, interactive entertainment at any and every event. 

In their tireless pursuit of the crowd’s most popular song they ask everyone they meet ‘What’s your favourite song?’ While most people could claim to remember a handful of songs, the Hendersons’ combined memory banks hold a staggering repertoire of songs for all ages, from the thirties to the naughties. Sometimes they surprise and delight their audience with a spontaneous composition in response to ‘I can’t think of one’, or ‘My mind’s a blank!’. Sometimes they surprise even themselves with their power to recall a long-forgotten musical gem. Always they bring smiles to people’s faces with their delicious, genetically enhanced harmonies and quirky humour.

Matching musicality with dexterity, they entertain and amuse as they juggle a wide range of objects, including axes, knives, fire and ping- pong balls, but no chain saws.